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Do you have a window of opportunity?

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head and deep down inside you just knew you had to do something about it? That’s your window of opportunity. And we’re here to help you pilot the launch.

The Plan

This is where it gets really simple. We offer just one plan. Why? Because it’s the best plan.

WordPress Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited storage, and a SSL. Sounds nice, right? Because it is.

24/7 Management

Most WordPress users don’t know this until it’s too late. But you actually have to update your core install, theme, and plugins. What happens if you don’t? Well…normally you get hacked. At we constantly scan for necessary updates, any security flaws, and take regular backups. 24/7/365/

A custom domain name

Don’t be the person marketing their website as With you get a free .com domain name so that your website is truly your brand. 

Divi Website Builder

Every package comes with an install of Divi. Divi allows you to quickly design and launch your website. Use a template or create something unique. Fun fact, this very website was made with Divi! Need help? Checkout our BIFY (Build It For You) service.

Gravity Forms

Google Forms are pretty neat, but have you used a form that allows you to do all types of neat things like take payments and integrate with anything? Well lucky for you, every install comes with a Gravity Forms installed and ready to go.


The big names are pretty sweet, don’t get us wrong. But WooCommerce installed on a custom WordPress website hosted with is so much better. Ready to sell? Just let us know and we’ll get you squared away.

Dedicated Support

And this is where we stand out. Write us, chat us, or text us at anytime. Our team is here to help get you setup, running, and growing. 

How much is it?

$48 per month

Receive 50% off if you pay for 3 years in advance!

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