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WordPress is probably the greatest software for building out a website, and has been since 2003.  Though it started out as a blogging software it has developed into the go-to software for building out a website that is far more than just another blog.  It is now one heck of a content management software (CMS) for all types of websites.  From blogs, to online shops, to basic websites, to social networks; WordPress can handle any development.  Besides that, here are 5 of our top reasons why you should used WordPress for your startup, small business or even corporate brand.

1. Ease of Use

Generally speaking, if you can type up a document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs then you can use WordPress.  The content management aspect is straightforward, clean and for the most part distraction free.  You can create new pages within two clicks and add all of the content that you want, from any type of device.  Creating blog posts is just as easy and even fun when you use the WordPress mobile app.  Because of the ease of use you can spend less time training team members to use it and more time getting work done.  Who doesn’t love taking care of business AND having a growing team?!

2. No Need To Code

That’s right! With WordPress you can not only have a new website up and running within minutes, you can expand it without ever learning how to code.  No need to learn HTML, CSS, PHP or use FTP!  While WordPress certainly can benefit from custom developments, the average Joe can build out a blog, company website, online store or social network with just a few simple clicks!

3. Search Engines LOVE WordPress

As mentioned, WordPress has been around so the developers know a thing or two about making a flawless ready to go software.  WordPress code is clean and simple which makes it extremely easy for search engines to crawl and index your site content.  With full control of your content you can easily add in meta tags to pages, posts, images, products and just about anything and everything that is on your website.  This allows you to have precise control for search engine optimization, easy peasy!

4. Do More With Self-Hosted

WordPress comes in two flavors, if you will.  There is which is the hosted business of WordPress and then there is which is the open-source software which makes  The beauty of self-hosted WordPress is that you can do way more with it in terms of design, development and scalability. tends to be more ideal for blogs and media related sites.  But if you are wanting to create something epic, self-hosted WordPress is THE WAY to go!

5. Your Site Grows With Your Business

Last, but for from least, is the fact that WordPress easily grows with your business.  Since you have full control of the content, and hosting space with self-hosted, your website can grow as big as you need it to be.  Whether you are needing to create an in-depth company website, thousands upon thousands of pages for news, host hundreds or thousands of products to sell or build out a large social network; WordPress handles your growing development needs with ease.  Hiring someone to create a custom coded website is a thing of the past, yes that works in some instances but 9 times out of 10, WordPress can handle (and do more) than what you could ever dream.

So now you know WHY WordPress is the BEST software to use for developing just about any website.  We personally love to see blogs turn into businesses, and businesses turn into empires using none-other than WordPress + WooPilot!  So, if you are looking to get started or turn your business growth up a few notches, get in touch with us today and we will help you make the most out of your WordPress built website!

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