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One of the best known solutions for starting an online store is called WooCommerce which runs on top of any WordPress install, both are free!  But why is it so great?  Is it because if you can use WordPress you can just as easy use WooCommerce?  Is it because of how scalable WooCommerce is?  Is it because how affordable WooCommerce is?  What is it!?  Well the answer is, ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE!

The Most Downloaded WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce is the most downloaded WordPress plugin, and it’s a no brainer because with less than a minute you can have WooCommerce setup and ready for your awesome products.  There is no need to learn anything new, you literally just install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin, run through the setup steps which automatically create your store pages, link your preferred payment system, and then start listing your products!  It is that easy!

There have been over 28,000,000 downloads of WooCommere, which is far greater than the 20-30,000 downloads most plugins average on the WordPress plugin repository.  WooCommerce isn’t just used by small businesses, it is also used by many large brands with online stores such as Duracell and Men’s Health.  You can take a quick look at other brands using WooCommerce on their site from beauty brands to those who started an online coffee business.

Local WooCommerce Webmasters and Developers

Another benefit of using WooCommerce is that there are far more skilled WooCommerce webmasters and developers available, including those here at!  WooCommerce knows that no online store is the same, so why should the software itself be closed off to only provide limited functions?  With WooCommerce being installed on top of WordPress you retain full control of source code and the ability to scale your online brand as much or as little as possible.  You can sell one single product or you can run a social network, a support community, a blog, 20 pages about your business, and still sell 10,000 products all for the cost of hosting which with our DIY Plan can be just $15 per month on a cloud virtual private server!

In addition, there are thousands upon thousands of valuable plugins just for WooCommerce to make even more from your WooCommerce install.  Want to sell digital subscriptions? No problem.  Want to start a box service?  Done.  Want to sell memberships?  You got it.  Need to sell tickets to events?  You can do that too.  WooCommerce lets you sell more than just products, unlike other eCommerce solutions on the market.  That is because it is well coded, maintained, and open-source which entices developers to build a business off of.  In addition to the endless available plugins on the WordPress repository, there is WooThemes which is now owned directly by WooCommerce, and is also owned by Automattic who owns (the paid version of  You can find some serious paid plugins for WooCommerce directly on their site.  If you have not noticed yet, if you can dream it you can build it with WooCommerce and WordPress.

It’s Just Easy

I have always said this, if you can create an email then you can use WordPress, and if you can use WordPress then you can use WooCommerce.  If you are looking to open an online store and wanting to know where to start, then look no further.  Contact us today and mention this blog post and we will give you your first month free!  We will setup WordPress with the famous Divi website builder, a style of your choice, and install and help setup WooCommerce for you!  Get to it!